Who does not like being scared to death? This is why everyone watches horror movies, but most people do it in groups, rather than alone. The same rule applies to video games. Video games provide a better experience because you are directly involved. Here are some of the best games to play in the dark.

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil

This game may not be the first one, but it represents the first version for the Wii, so it takes everyone back to the beginning. The game is a bit different compared to the first story, but this is just the evolution of the gaming industry. Other games raised the bar, so it had to follow the crowd. This game is not about killing everyone, but about surviving everything that wants to kill you, which makes it even scarier. There are two story lines, as well as multiple puzzles.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party is basically a series. Each game in the series has its own characteristics, yet they all share a good dose of horror. Sometimes, it is all about the gore and unexpected jumps. Most of the times, it is about your imagination. If you think about it, the scariest things are those that you cannot see. The text is so detailed and descriptive that your imagination goes wild. As for the story, it is quite good, not to mention the actual action.


There are more games in this series, but nothing compares to the second one. To make the story short, the game is about a special forces team known as F.E.A.R. that is supposed to handle a supernatural phenomenon. Shadows, creepy noises and unexpected gore here and there will make you jump every now and then. A good audio system is also recommended for a top notch experience at night.

Dementium: The Ward

Dementium: The Ward puts you in a psychopath filled hospital. Undeads and unusual paranormal entities also hang around to make this game a nightmare. The mystery around this film is exquisite. You have a note that asks you why you did it. Other than that, you know nothing, apart from being in such a facility and having to survive. For the best experience, turn the headphones up and play the game in a dark place.

The Suffering

A scary story, gore and action – this is what The Suffering is about. Visions show up out of nowhere, while zombies aim to eat you alive whenever they see you. Nothing is what it looks like. Believe it or not, The Suffering has three different game endings. It depends on which path you choose. The whole story is altered as you advanced based on what you do, which makes the whole experience even more exciting. There is blood everywhere, while the foul language does not make it suitable for kids.

Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man is advertised to be a shooter and not a horror game. However, its atmosphere makes it quite unsettling. You expect someone or something to attack you whenever you make a step. The worst part is you usually get attacked when you turn around, so chances are you will jump a few times as you play.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

This is not really a horror game. Instead, it is an action game overwhelmed by freaks willing to give you some quality shocks. It is so realistic that you even have a sanity meter to help you stay on track. It can get scary and unsettling quite often. However, small bugs will bother you here and there – just ignore them.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

This second game of the series does not have too many connections to the first one. However, the storyline brings in the two twin sisters who visit an empty village covered in paranormal. The horror aspect is about spirits, possessed people and exorcism – the kind of horror that makes everyone cringe. Many players failed to finish the original game because it was too scary. The second one is just as aggressive, only the story is more detailed and exciting.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This game will make you jump so many times that you will want to drop it and just find another game. To make sure they truly get you, developers have set up a small introduction. You give out some personal details about what scares you the most and those things will come back at you when least expected. Some say it is not you playing the game, but the game playing you. Only one way to find out!


Bottom line, scary video games make a better choice than the actual films. They put you in the middle of the action and have the gore, panic and shocks surround you – what can be more exciting than that?