When it comes to sequels, they rarely raise to the expectations. The first game is always brilliant. It brings in a new idea that stuns everyone. When it comes to the second one, developers are less likely to come with something original. However, it does happen sometimes. Here are some of the best sequels that actually outdid the original version.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

When the original came out, it took the world over. It was one of the most innovative games ever made. Everything about it was great – from the actual game play to the missions and mechanics. The new game did not bring in too many original aspects. It was not something new, but it improved everything. All the small bugs, issues that players had and suggestions were taken into consideration to create a masterpiece. The game play was faster as well.

SimCity 2000

SimCity was quite interesting when it first hit the gaming world in 1989. It was about building, rather than destroying – the grandfather of all these modern building games available today. SimCity 2000 changed everything. For example, you could farm your own terrain forever before building a city. You could reshape the landscape as well. More transportation options were available, not to mention domes and unique names to schools or hospitals. It was not really about building a city, but about expanding your vision.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider version from 2013 was pretty good. The reboot brought in many new aspects to the series, but it was far from perfect. Most characters were quite annoying, not to mention small bugs. When Rise of the Tomb Raider came out, it literally fixed every single problem. Furthermore, it eased the game play, so you could do things without too much hassle. Mechanics were deeper, while characters became more likable.

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Age of Empires became a synonym to strategy after it came out in 1997. However, there were lots of balance issues between units and various civilizations. All these shortcomings were irrelevant at first because no one noticed them. They became famous after the sequel came out. The population was increased, civilizations were balanced, interface was friendly, scenario builder was more comprehensive and the scene was quite competitive.

Fallout 2

Every game in the Fallout series has its major pluses. A real fan can agree that all of them are good. The second game was quite a masterpiece though, mostly because of the impact it had over the fans. The first game was good and enjoyable. You had everything. But the second one perfected everything – a serious story covered in kooky situations. There are also more options for the interaction, as well as different outcomes. Simply put, Fallout 2 was all about details and this is why everyone remembers it.

Street Fighter II

To lots of players, Street Fighter II is the best 2D fight game ever made. But what about the first one? The first Street Fighter brought in a new idea. It was quite innovative and pushed fighting games further on – bonus stages, key combinations, multiple moves and so on. However, it had lots of flaws. The second one kept all the good things from the first one, but also fixed all the flaws and add even more stuff to it. Believe it or not, it is still widely played all over the world.

Streets of Rage II

To many people, Street of Rage II is the king of beat-em-up games. The first game of the trilogy was quite interesting due to the new concepts it brought in. It did feel stiff at times and most people did not realize it because they could not compare it to anything else. When Streets of Rage II came out, everything changed – stunning soundtrack, detailed graphics, more characters and intense action. Fighting mechanics were also more diversified.

Saints Row 2

To lots of gamers, Saints Row looked like a detailed copy of Grand Theft Auto 3. With all these, it did stand out due to its unique characters, good stories and fun activities. Saints Row 2 changed everything by pushing the game to an unreal level. You could purchase stuff, unlock styles, do anything you could think of, customize your character and so on. It was funny, but chaotic and clever. Stilwater also had a lot to do with it. It was one of the most diverse cities in the entire genre – all kinds of neighborhoods with unique styles, detailed buildings and plenty of secret areas.


In the end, while some people may want to bring back the good old days, many others clearly remember the impact these games had over their childhood years. They seriously pushed the gaming industry to the next level and the good news is they are still playable today.​