Insanity can make or break a game. It could be a blessing in certain conditions, yet some games will most likely push it farther. There are a few psychopaths in video games that would do anything to kill everyone around. Not only do they make your life harder, but they can get quite disturbing. Here are the bloodiest psychopaths you will encounter in video games.

Sander Cohen, BioShock​​

As if BioShock was not insane enough anymore, Sander Cohen comes in to make things even worse. Developers managed to create an interestingly insane character that easily stands up in the crowd. Everything about him relates to death, from music and poetry to sculptures and art. Dealing with him will make the game more exciting, yet you better get ready for some shocking aspects.

GLaDOS, Portal

GLaDOS does not make too much sense in her insanity. Most psychopaths have a motive – not this one though. It all started as a crazy personality waiting to be fitted into a machine. She ended up controlling the whole thing by killing everyone around her. Unsurprisingly, she chose the Bring Your Daughter to Work day to kill everyone. Despite to put your character into the same grave, most players ended up loving her for her unique personality.


Marcus Needles Kane, Twisted Metal

Running the Sweet Tooth ice cream truck, Marcus Needles Kane is impossible to overlook in the game. However, different releases of Twisted Metal brought in a slightly different back story. The 2012 release changed everything though. He developed a new personality known as Needles, so he ended up killing his entire family – apart from his daughter. The story does not end here, as he tries his best to find her and finish his mission.

Vladimir Makarov, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Vladimir Makarov was featured in all the series and kept gaining more and more popularity as the series evolved. Some of his greatest achievements include the manslaughter of 200 people in an airport, a nuke attack over a town and a massive killing of his associates. There is only one step from this kind of activities to starting World War III.- literally no regard of human life throughout his venture in the game.

Kefka Palazzo, Final Fantasy VI

Kefka Palazzo is one of those psychopaths who simply despise the humankind. From poisoning rivers to enjoy people’s screams to destroying the world, he has thought about everything. Apart from lacking pain and other human senses, Kefka Palazzo is better known for his unique mark – his diabolic laugh. While there are many insane psychopaths in video games, this one is by far among the most popular names out there.

Albedo Piazzolla, Xenosaga Series

Albeldo Piazzolla is featured in the entire series, yet his hatred for humanity is boosted in the second episode. Known for his immortality and the capability to regenerate his limbs, he literally cuts some limbs, breaks his own neck and rips everything off for fun. To make the story even more shocking, he does all these to impress a little girl – right in front of her.

Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3

Vaas Montenegro is not even the first negative character in the game, yet he made it to the front cover. There must be something really twisted about him then. No one knows what he plans to do next because he features extreme mood swings. One moment he is all chilled and quiet and the next moment he goes mad and starts killing people. His most important line in the game defines him pretty well – “Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

Trevor Phillips, Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor Phillips is the right example of being born perfectly normal, but becoming crazy because of the environment. Most of his issues come from his childhood. He had to go from one foster family to another, as well as a few correctional facilities every now and then. His crime life represents his biggest pride in life. After all, who would attack random people down the street in nothing but underwear?

Adam Macintyre, Dead Rising

Adam Macintyre is one of the reasons wherefore so many people are frightened by clowns. He perfectly describes the connection between clowns and insanity. Some of his unique elements include two chainsaws, a unique speech pattern, a moving ride and bloodied dolls. The moment he kills Adam shows how disturbed he can be – poor guy collapses into his chainsaws and dies, while his laugh can barely be heard because of the chainsaws.


In the end, you definitely need a good imagination to come up with such well defined psychopaths for video games. Each game developer does it differently and each character can make the game unique through their aggression and insanity.​