We live in a dog eat world: if you take your eyes off your possessions for two minutes, someone can take them. It’s exhausting and consuming having to constantly look over your shoulder, but it’s been the only available choice for too long when traveling. Until now, that is. Meet FlexSafe, a portable travel safe.

FlexSafe is specially designed to keep your items secure while you’re traveling, all you have to do is place your valuables inside, zip it up, and then wrap it around something. The patented FlexSafe technology will take care of the rest. Its durable luggage-grade and water-resistant Nylon will keep your valuables dry and protected from corrosion, a must during trips to humid places. And the lock will stay on any fixed object until you decide to move it, preventing thieves from taking your things. Just sit back and enjoy your well-deserved vacation! FlexSafe makes a perfect gift for the avid traveler! Click here to see more on how FlexSafe works and to take advantage of their limited time offers.