This is the first easy-to-use car health maintenance monitor that provides real time updates right on your phone!

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing?

Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs. Mechanics making things up to jack your rates up happens all the time, and they do it more often with the elderly and women…

But now there’s finally a way to help you avoid getting scammed by shady mechanics!

What is it?

Three engineering students from Georgia Tech were tired of seeing their friends and family get taken advantage of at auto shops, so they designed this new gadget helps instantly determine if your car just has a loose cap or a much more serious problem like a bad transmission.

It’s called FIXD, the first easy-to-use car health monitor.

When there’s a problem with your car, FIXD will instantly diagnose your car’s REAL problems and translate them to simple, easy-to-undersatnd terms. So, you’ll know how severe it is, and if it’s an emergency or not – leaving shady mechanics in the dust – no longer able to rip you off!

How does it work?

It’s actually quite simple. The FIXD plugs into your car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port – the very same port that mechanics use to figure out what’s wrong with your car.

Using FIXD it’s actually quite simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Plug FIXD into your car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port
  • Step 2: Download the FREE app (available for both iOS & Android)
  • Step 3: That’s it – It will then sync your car with the app.

Here’s what the news had to say about FIXD:

What makes FIXD so special?

FIXD uses an advanced Dual-band 3.0 plus 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth Wireless Technology to continually communicate with your phone – informing you of any potential issues.

When that “Check Engine Light” comes on, FIXD tells you exactly what’s causing it in a way anyone can understand. No more looking up codes or taking it to the dreaded auto shop only to be given a list of unnecessary repairs – never again!

You can also turn off the check engine light right from the FIXD App if the problem is not serious or if you want to see if it will reoccur. How cool is that?!

BEST PART: FIXD provides cost estimates, phone numbers of local, trusted mechanics, sends you maintenance reminders, recall issues…and so much MORE!

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

With all the benefits FIXD provides, you’d think it would cost a few hundred dollars, right? That’s what makes this company so great. The founders of FIXD made it incredibly affordable so they can help as many people as possible avoid getting scammed by mechanics, while also staying on top of their car’s health.

FIXD retails for only $59 and you can purchase it on their official website by clicking here.

Don’t wait till it’s too late! A small investment of a little more than that cost of an oil change can keep your car running smoothly and out of shady auto shops. There’s no reason why every car owner shouldn’t have one..

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Here’s what FIXD customers had to say: