The world of futuristic gadgets is exciting and stunning but it is also mysterious at the same. It keeps evolving at such a pace that no year goes without several new inventions. Considering the hectic schedule, it is challenging to stay updated with all these inventions, especially for tech-savvy people and gadget fans.

It is still possible to stay updated with one inventive category such as smart wearables or gaming handhelds. However, it is truly challenging to stay abreast of all types of new introductions across different types of categories. How about knowing about a portable home, a mood regulator, or a water saving shower? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s check out five such futuristic gadgets!

Water-efficient Shower Piece

We all know that water is a non-renewable resource. So, it is wise to save as much water as possible. Using a shower is a common daily chore that consumes several gallons of water. How would it be if the shower head is such that saves a lot of water while you take a shower? Well, that is a smart piece, isn’t it?
The good news is that such showers are already available. You can now enjoy your solace to get relieved from stress using such a shower. Most of these shower systems feature a movable wand and an adjustable bracket. It enforces enough pressure to split water streams into millions of minuscule drops coming from 10 times greater surface area than a normal shower. This saves almost up to 70% water.

Portable House

How about having an elongated solar capsule as your house that moves with you whoever you go? This is actually now possible; thanks to houses such as Eco Capsules. These are solar units that are ideal for adventures such as camping. In it, you can have a hot meal, a kitchenette, a warm folding bed, a few storage units, toilet, shower, and running water for two people despite being compact.
There are also windows (possible to open them) and the overall house shape is such that adequate rainwater is collected via a filter so that natural precipitation can give you drinking water. There is no need for any special preparations for roaming with such homes; In fact, it is easy to ship it too for an overseas trip.

Mood Altering Headpiece

This is a neuro-engineering masterpiece to have, especially if you have a very stressful day at the office and feel tough to relax later. Available from Thync, this device is designed to give you that expected calm or peace of mind by changing the way you feel.
It features three parts namely, an application, a strip, and a module. You only need to position the module on the right temple. That’s it! The device then uses its revolutionary waveform technology that comes from an IOS device that syncs with the module for relaxing or revitalizing you. It takes less than five minutes to feel this effect.

Stealthy Ink Pen

Consider this pen if you love to spy. This is the pen featuring the UV light. Use this pen to write some stealthy messages visible to no one in the absence of the UV light. When you want to show the message, just activate the hidden light. The message will become legible. It is that cool! Further, it is also affordable!

Light Up Pillow

Is this some mysterious gadget on the sofa? This is what any onlooker will think by looking at this pillow at the first glance. This pillow is an intoxicating pillow that simply ditches your routine white pillow. This ultramodern pillow stuns you by cycling its built-in light via a myriad of light and super psychedelic colors.
All you need to do is tap the button in its middle and all LEDs put it to life. You can observe all types of gorgeous colors, which will make you feel as if you are in some other charismatic world.


Well, these gadgets are surely going to win your heart in the first look itself. It is obvious that you will buy only the ones that seem suitable and unique to you. So, which ones you will buy? Aren’t they all worthy of your money, as they all have their own uses, right?