A lot would agree with the universal motto of food lovers that Food is Life. It’s a fact that you need to eat food to survive, but you can’t deny the truth that good food brings people together, gives you a reason to socialize, comforts you in times of troubles, allows you to know people more and their culture and best of all, it makes you feel good.

However, food is not as perfect as it may seem. Believe it or not, combining it with other food types could be dangerous to your health. Below are the proven deadly food combinations you should avoid:

Bacon and Egg

Bacon and egg is the most loved breakfast duo if you prefer the American breakfast. What makes it a favorite breakfast meal is because of its umami taste. Umami is considered the fifth category of taste which was discovered by a Japanese chemist in 1908. This fifth taste is described as the savory or the meaty flavor of food, which can be found in glutamate molecules and several nucleotide molecules that include inosinate, guanylate, and adenylate.

Although bacon and egg have been partners in breakfast for decades, it is considered a dangerous food combination because of each other’s components. Bacon is rich in fat, while egg contains high protein content. If these two were eaten together, it gives you a sudden energy boost but will leave you feeling lethargic afterward. Aside from these, both are hard to digest because of the eggs concentrated protein.

Juice and Cereal

To eat cereals with milk and drink juice afterward is a big NO! The acids in the juice prevent the enzymes in the body from breaking down the carbohydrates coming from the cereals. Furthermore, the acids make the milk in the cereal to curdle making it hard to digest. So if you’re going to have cereal and juice, it is best to drink juice 1 hour before or after eating the cereal.

Pizza and Soda

Pizza and soda is a favorite combination that is often served in fast food. However, it’s a dangerous mix of food. If you are looking after you calorie intake, pizza and soda should be removed from your list. Since pizza is considered carb, it takes a lot of energy in the body to digest it. Moreover, it’s even more difficult to digest it because of the sugary content that soda contains, wherein the sugar in fizzy drinks tend to slow down digestion. If there’s something you want to go with your pizza, it is better to choose red wine over sodas.

Banana and Milk

Banana and milk is every kid’s favorite combination, but after reading this part, you will eventually stop feeding your kids with this deadly combination. Both banana and milk are burdensome to the stomach and hard to digest. It causes the body to feel lethargic because of the energy that the body needs to digest banana and milk when taken together. It diminishes agni and produces toxins that can cause sinus congestion, cough, cold and allergies.

Meat and Potatoes

According to Dr. Wayne Pickering, a famous Nutritional Performance Coach, the starches obtained from eating potatoes will require alkaline for digestion, while meat will demand heavier acids to digest. If these two were consumed at the same time, it would be neutralized making it hard to digest. Thus it will result in heartburn, acid reflux, discomforting gas and other digestive issues which can be more severe if you eat potatoes and meat together frequently.

These are some of the deadly food combinations that you should avoid. In a dietary viewpoint of these food combinations, the food mentioned above combinations can give adverse effect to your health. Rather than suffer from the consequences, it is never too late to change your food combination habits.