Everybody dreams of celebrity life. If you are a celebrity, you have access to many pleasures of life that an ordinary person will not be able to experience. You will be adored by many fans, get to try the latest trend firsthand, and be the role model of younger generations. But for many former celebrities who chose the more peaceful pasture, celebrity life is not what most people think it will seem. It’s a toxic community where you have to keep on improving because today the spotlight might be on you, on the next minute it will shine on the others.
However, no matter how fabulous the celebrity life is, some famous artists, actors, and actresses chose to stay away from the limelight because they found happiness away from it. These stars are:

Kevin Jonas

Growing up listening to the 00s bands, you are probably familiar with the trio band Jonas brothers. The other two Jonas, Nick and Joe stayed in the spotlight with their respective groups, while the different Jonas chose a simple life with his newfound family, as an app developer of Yood and a co-CEO of the Blu Market. Kevin Jonas finds his happiness being a simple dad to his two daughters and wife, Danielle and an entrepreneur. Many were shocked in the sudden change of career of the older Jonas, but Kevin admitted his passion for the tech industry over his sparkling music career.

Amanda Bynes

This pretty brunette with blue eyes became America’s sweetheart, capturing every fan with her acting skills and coolness in her movie. She’s the Man and sitcoms in Nickelodeon. Due to massive mental breakdown for staying in the spotlight for years, Bynes decided to bid goodbye from the small and big screen in 2012 to pursue her passion for clothing. She enrolled in Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine and is expected to graduate soon.

Frankie Muniz

From a breakout role in Malcolm in the Middle, a super cool agent Cody Banks, who would have thought that Frankie Muniz would choose car racing over the glitzy life of a celebrity. However, unlike any other stars who opt the ordinary life, Frankie Muniz has reasons to leave the showbiz. A few years back, he experienced mini-strokes and memory loss. A matter of fact, he can’t even remember that he’s been a part of the Malcolm in the Middle, although this was the show that opened the doors for more acting opportunities.

Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson refers to her celebrity life as accidental fame when she played the titular role Matilda and was nominated three times and won the Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy Film. However, after a few acting gigs, she then decided to quit acting and start her career as a writer.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan became famous after starring in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. She is known for sporting a blonde bob, which became her signature look. She married fellow actor Dennis Quaid, but their relationship didn’t last. They decided to divorce in 2001 and ever since then Meg Ryan’s presence in the entertainment is hard to see. To date, she is active in supporting the Democratic party, particularly the initiatives and programs for environmental protection.

Cameron Diaz

A lot of fans felt sad when Cameron Diaz decided to quit acting to focus her time and attention to Benji Madden, his husband whom she married in her home in a Jewish Ceremony. Cameron is considered one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood for being a versatile actress. Cameron admitted in one of her interviews that the reason why she decided to stay off the radar is that for being an actress for a year, she no longer recognizes who is she. While she’s not behind the camera, she indulges herself by writing books about how to feel and look your best self while living the good life.
These are some of the stars who chose the peaceful life outside the gardens of fame and paparazzi. Among the many stars who retired from the entertainment industry, who among them do you wish the most? Share your thoughts below.