The game shows are some of the presentations on TV that people look forward because of the excitement and thrill it brings to the audiences. It is one way of testing how much do you know on various topics from politics up to street knowledge and how good are you in making decisions. If you are a fan of game shows, you have probably watched a lot of game shows that have left a mark to every fan’s heart, and perhaps the underrated game shows below are some of the great shows that you think deserves another season or more. These are:

Blind Date

Game shows that tackles about finding your one true love in national TV? Well, the Blind Date started it all. Even if Take Me Out have managed to reach the 00s, people will always remember Blind Date from the sets, clothes, to holidays. It was first aired on November 30, 1985, until May 31, 2003, on ITV and came back on air this time on Channel 5. Through this show, a lot of singletons were given a chance to choose among the three desirable dates and have a date.

The Price is Right

If you are the type of person who loves shopping, this game is probably your favorite. The Price is Right is a television game show that was first aired in 1972 and was revamped in 1972. The game mechanics of this show is to guess the price of the merchandise presented. When you guess it right, you will win cash prizes.

Supermarket Sweep

The Supermarket Sweep is a game show that has combined gameplay where you will undergo a team-based quiz and a time-race through the supermarket. On the first part of the game, a product is shown, and the contestants are tasked to guess the retail price. The goal in the first phase of the game is to accumulate time by answering the closest estimate to the given product. On the second part of the game, the time collected from the team-based quiz will be used for a shopping spree, where there are bonus items scattered throughout the supermarket aisle that they have to find. The team who remains undefeatedLegends of the Hidden Temple
For many who grew up with this TV game show in Nickelodeon, undoubtedly, you are still hoping that you can compete in this exciting game show. The Legends of the Hidden Temple was aired in between 1993 and 1995 with a set design inspired from the Indiana Jones. Children aged between 11 and 14 that situated in Orlando, Florida are the typical players in this game. To uncover the treasures hidden in every room, the players have to answer various questions based on history, mythology, and geography and be able to perform physical stunts to get to other places and avoid the Mayan guards.
Shop ‘til You Drop
Another show that deserves another season because a lot of people can’t get enough with the fun and excitement it brings to every household is the Shop ‘til You Drop game show. It was air intermittently between 1991 and 2005 and had undergone several changes. Most of the mini-games played in this show are stunt rounds that are performed within the 1-minute time limit before moving to the next round. Once the players were able to accumulate 100 points, they will be able to choose a shopping mall where the winning prize is associated with it. The second round is called Shopper’s Challenge round where the players have to answer a series of multiple answer questions that are given in rapid-fire. And the last round is called the Shop ‘til You Drop round where the players will have a bonus shopping spree and have to accumulate a prize package at least $2,500.
If these shows are aired again, undoubtedly, a lot of people who grew up with this game will join to win the fabulous prizes.