Top 5 Peculiar Items That Celebrities Love To Hoard

Collecting rare items has become a habit of most celebrities nowadays. For most people it’s a kind of hobby that removes your stresses away once you see them, while others see it as a reflection of the material deprivation when you were a kid.
It is typical to see your favorite artist collect shoes, clothing, jewelry, bags and other earthly possession that can reflect your fortune. But what would be your reaction if your favorite actor or actress collects the most bizarre items you’ll ever find? Just like the following items below:

Vintage Dolls

When it comes to vintage dolls, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is Annabelle and Chuckie, which makes doll collection a little bit eerie. However, for Demi Moore collecting antique, vintage dolls is a passion. She hoards some dolls and let it sit nicely on the cabinet which made her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, feel like they were being watched as they sleep at night.
To date, Demi Moore owns a vast collection of antique and Chinese dolls, which she plans to install in a doll museum she will open for the public in the future.
Rare Bird Collection
Will you believe that Will Ferrell has a million dollar worth of rare bird collection? His fascination for bird collecting started as a kid when he saw a group of crows ganging up one of his friends. After yelling at it, these feathery creatures looked at him and flew away. And this scenario is somewhat a love at first flight for Will Ferrell. Since then, the actor started collecting rare birds using the money he earns from the entertainment industry.


If you have seen how Angelina Jolie handles the knives and how accurate she throws in one of the scenes in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you are probably fascinated by it. But don’t have second thoughts that it’s perhaps a stuntman who did it because it was Angelina. Aside from her talent to throw knives, she collects them ever since she was a kid. Jolie explained in her previous interviews that she collected knives before as teenager for self-harm and self-destructive tendencies. But now as an adult, she still collects them for aesthetic purposes, where most of her collections are old knives coming from various countries.
The young generation of today may not be familiar with what typewriters look like and how it is operated, but this is the kind of object that Tom Hanks will spend a fortune with merely because he is fascinated in using it. To date, Tom has a total of nine vintage manual typewriters which he uses for writing. He uses his collection depending on his mood and is always love to hear the sound it makes everytime you type.

Shrunken Head Figures and a dinosaur skull

Nicolas Cage almost loses his billion dollar fortune for his spending habits. Who would have thought that Nicolas cage would fancy Pygmy shrunken heads and a sixty-seven million-year-old Tarbosaurus skull, a haunted murder mansion as part of his collection? Up to now, no one knows the purpose of why Nicolas Cage would spend his fortunes for this objects.
These are some of the most bizarre collections of most celebrated artist in Hollywood. Do you know someone who has fantastic collections the same as this artist? Share your thoughts.