A TV show finale is the last thing you want to hear about if you truly love the show. But it happens. And then, you want it to be perfect, so you can start watching the show again after a few years. You want a satisfactory conclusion and a fulfilling ending. However, this is not always the case. Here are some of the greatest shows ever with the worst possible endings.

True Blood

True Blood took the world over like a storm in its first few seasons. It was a hit among teenagers. There was sex, as well as a few twists and plenty of blood. It was a trend that drew plenty of attention. However, its final seasons went downhill for some reason. People watched it just because they watched the previous seasons and did not want to miss the ending. However, no one really cared about the characters anymore.

The final episode? The romance between Sookie and Bill was faker than fake nails, while the final scene… Sookie is married to some guy that no one has ever heard of. What?

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men was a hit – no doubts about it. However, the last episode was so terrible that it was not even funny. The final seasons were nonexistent anyway after Charlie Sheen was kicked out. The series should have been put out of its misery at least three or four years before. Anyway, the whole episode makes you think that Charlie is back.

And he is… Well, someone who looks like him anyway – you can tell it is not Charlie Sheen without even seeing the face. He returns to the house and then suddenly a piano falls from the sky and kills him. Then, the camera goes to Chuck Lorre and he says “winning”. Erm… Yay?

The Sopranos

You spend seven years watching Tony Soprano in action, so you expect the ending to be epic. What would happen? Will Tony get killed? Will the police arrest him? Who can tell? After all, nothing happens in the final episode. Literally!

Simply put, Tony has a family dinner. At some point, he looks up at the door and then… You see rolling credits. Unsurprisingly, many fans believed the episode has not downloaded completely. But no, that was it. Creator David Chase thought it would be better if he left room for interpretation instead.

Quantum Leap

While everyone hoped Sam would actually make the leap home after helping so many people, the final episode was at least surprising. At some point, Sam ends up meeting what is supposed to be God. He has a depressing conversation and then he finds out that he could have gone home whenever he desired. However, it seems his will to fix situations was way too strong.

Really? Instead of getting what they wanted, fans found out that Sam ended up leaping for the rest of his life. The funny thing? This was not meant to be a finale, but the show was discontinued after this episode.


After eight seasons of Dexter, fans got used to the mayhem and aggressive drama around the main character. Would it be a happy ending? Would it be a dramatic finale leaving room for a movie? Everyone was waiting to see the final episode. When Michael C. Hall said he was sad reading the final episode show, that should have been a pretty good reason to realize that it would be a disastrous ending.

Anyway, Dexter buries his sister and becomes a lumberjack. Fans wanted to know if he would get away with the crimes. Well, it looks like writers decided to let each fan choose whatever they want to believe.


It took Roseanne one terrible finale to ruin all those years of dominating the television segment. Literally everything was canceled with one episode. First, it looks like John Goodman’s Dan was actually dead. He had a heart attack during Darlene’s big day. How did the whole ninth season happen then?

At the same time, Roseanne introduces the watchers to some sort of sci-fi alternative to her life. It made people ask themselves what was going on. An alien abduction or a talking dog would have been much more exciting.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives brought in a bunch of housewives sharing dramas, happy moments, problems and a tough friendship. Some say the show should have ended at least a few years before, but there is nothing to worry about – the writers made sure the finale would be terrible, so you can literally stop watching after the first five seasons.

All in all, the finale tells the audience that after everything those women have been together, they decide to split and no longer see each other. How lazy can a writer be?


Bottom line, it only takes one terrible finale to ruin the overall feeling of a show and the above mentioned examples are perfect to illustrate this idea.