Muslim countries are some of the must travel-to places in the world because of their rich cultural heritage. There are more to see and learn from their culture and traditions when you visit the country rather than read articles on the web with some twisted facts. Through this trip, it will help you broaden your horizon about the Muslim countries and understand their practices and behavior that follows the teachings of the Quran.

When traveling to Muslim countries, most people would recommend visiting there during Ramadan. It is the holiest month for many Muslim because it is a time for them to fast from sunrise to sunset and be more empathetic and charitable. However, when you travel to Muslim countries, there are things you should NEVER DO, or you will face severe consequences. These are:

Public Display of Affection

If you will be traveling with your lover or your spouse, it is best to avoid displaying affection in public, even hold hands. If you are a man, keeping women’s hand without their permission is unacceptable. Doing this will result in getting beaten up by the religious police.
Wearing clothes that violates the dress codes in Muslim countries
Before you pack your clothes for a weekend getaway in any Muslim country of choice, it is best to research what kind of clothes that you can wear and bring during the trip. Even if you were already in the 20th century, Muslim countries take dress codes seriously. They firmly believe that your body is sacred, so you must protect and cover it with proper clothing. Instead of bringing slippers, it is best to bring footwear that doesn’t show your ankle, blouses that don’t show your skin and other clothing that are not tight fitting.

Eating in public during Ramadan

Even if you are a tourist and see some natives doing it, it is better not to follow them. They already know the ways on how not to get caught, but as a tourist, it will only get you in trouble. Even if the religious police will only warn you as a tourist, it is already a sign of disrespect for not obeying the rules in the country you are in. Just like the old saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” you have to exercise the same thing as respect to their cultural heritage.

Declaring your sexuality

When in Muslim countries, it is better not to tell you gender preference. For a Muslim country that imposed strict adherence to the teachings of the Quran, it is illegal to be transgender. If you are caught for behaving such a way, you would only face difficulties and more significant risks.
Make, Possess, or Drink Alcohol
If you are visiting Saudi Arabia, you should know that alcohol is completely banned in this country. Compared to the neighboring countries and Muslim countries in South East Asia where alcohol is okay, in Saudi Arabia making, hoarding or drinking alcohol is illegal. If discovered, you will be thrown to jail and might punish with 360 lashes.
These are some of the things that you should never do when you travel to Muslim countries. To avoid any dangers while on the trip, it is better to follow their laws. By doing so, you will be safe.